Quality Lessons

Allows learners access to lessons
and apps they otherwise could not afford

Interactive & Self-paced

Facilitators require minimal
subject knowledge,
while learners are coached to achieve mastery

Simple Set Up

'Plug & Play' design makes operation simple,
scalable and affordable - and completely offline

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  • Every now and then a simple but powerful idea comes across my desk and demands attention. This is my experience with the School in a Box concept, which can truly revolutionise the local education space.
  • I am very pleased with the results we received for the children, they have all improved, I’m so happy.
    Centre Manager at the Tafelsig Centre
  • The iLearning Centre for me is very nice because I find myself going back to the work I didn’t understand at school and it is actually helping me so much and it will help learners who don’t understand teachers. I really like the iLearning Centre.
  • My daughter, Amy April, a Grade 1 learner at Parkhurst Primary attended the iLearning Centre from March 2016 until August 2016 at Christ the Redeemer church hall. These classes were held for an hour or two each day after school and really helped improved my daughters English and Mathematics, as her term marks, both for these subjects improved . The classes also increased her self-confidence, improved her test and exam scores and provided me with peace of mind.
  • Learners are enjoying the lessons. We got headphones so now everyone can concentrate and focus on their lessons. I am also very pleased with the way their English has improved as they are more confident when reading aloud. I can’t wait for the results at the end of the term.
    Centre Manager at Watsonia Primary School
  • The kids love the lessons so am happy with the purchase. I am mad about the curriculum as it is varied with great content.